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FIBOX Technical Information

Advantages of Fibox Polycarbonate (PC) Enclosure
  • High IP Rating-IP67 Dust Tight and Water Proof
  • Good Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Very High Impact Resistance
  • UV Resistance: Excellent for Outdoor or Seashore Applications
  • Non-toxic Material: Halogen Free
  • Excellent Insulating Properties
  • Easy Machining
  • Cost-effective Material for Harsh Environments
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range:-40C to +120C

Fibox polycarbonate enclosure can withstand high pressure

Comparison of Material Properties
The following table shows the comparison of different plastic materials used in Fibox enclosures. You may use it to help you select the most situable product for your application.

Comparsion of Different Plastic Materials





Application Environment
Outdoor use  **** * *****
Indoor use ***** ***** *****
Salt water environments ***** ** *****
Light weight ***** ***** ***
High righidity *** * ****
Impact resistance ***** *** ****
Chemical Resistance
Neutral salts ***** **** *****
Acids,low concentrations ***** **** *****
Acids,high concentrations *** * ***
Alkalis,low concentrations *** ***** ****
Alkalis,high concentrations * **** ****
Petroleum *** * *****
Hydraulic Oil ***** ***** *****
Alcohols **** *** ****
Solvens * * *****
Cooling fluids *** ***** *****
Note: ***** = Excellent      * = Poor

Ingress Protection (IP)

What is Ingress Protection (IP) Number?
IP number of an enclsoure is defined by IEC 529 or EN 60529-4:1992 and shows the degree of protection against ingress (i.e. entry) of solid objects or water.
The first digit shows the protection degree against solid objects (finger, dust etc.)
The second digit shows the protection degree against liquid.
In general, the higher the number, the better the protection.
For example, IP 68 enclsoure can be used under 1 metre deep water.

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Click here for Product Information of Fibox plastic enclosures.
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